Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cant on... T,T

hi guys!! i noe i havent update my blog for a long time!! my modem got strike by lightning n bo liao d!!! so cham!! after graduation day damn busy la!! so sorry!!!! n btw.. i starting work next week so i can oni on on weekends.. hehe..

right.. now i forgot wat i wanna write.. im lyk short term memory lost.. eveytime i wanna write something i will forget when i start writting.. oh ya!! i'll post lots of pics later..

on the thanksgiving day.. ( dunno y my family celebrates everything.. we're buddhist..) my aunt bought a whole block of cheddar cheese!!! omg!!! that nite's dinner was great man!! a turkey, stuffings, salad, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, bread n butter.. god!!! i always lyk dinner gathering.. the dinner surely will b damn good!!! thats y im this size.. haiz...

next time i try to go back in time and talk bout things that happened in skul la.. later have to go kemas barang... cham ah!!!