Thursday, September 3, 2009

Long time no blog...

Wats up!! long time no blog d.. hehe.. suddenly have the urge to post something... not much happened lately.. oni went to penang during my 3 weeks break~~ makan makan makna~~ now fat d!!! n weight ++ d!!! haiz~~~ And then keep dancing with Momo~~~

At last class resume~~~ got something to focuse on~~~ I kinda like the philo lecturer~~~ but i still cant grasp the subject!! hope i dont die~~~ econs is boring~~ more boring than i thought it would be~~~ the lecturer herself is a live radio~~ y do i say that?? bcuz when she starts talkin... i feel sleepy.. like all her words are lullaby~~ n i realise in her 2nd class, i already fell sleepy when i c her~~ 功夫真是到家!!

Met some secondary skul friend!! i oni realise that i miss my secondary skul frens a lot!!! but everyone is bz wif their own studies and all~~ haiz~~ dont really have time to gather and chit chat!!! sien a!!!!!!