Friday, May 29, 2009

Car wash

God!! today's car wash was sooo~~ fun!!! i really enjoyed it.. n the result is good... 20++ cars including the principal's.. god.. dunno who so 大胆 go ask the principal.. now who is gonna get the ten bucks from her??

I never thought that doing car wash can be this fun... i wanted to skip replacement class to continue... WE started from 8am.. washed lyk 4 cars in an hour or 2.. n than lunch time!! God.. nearly kena 开刀.. wan me belanja pizza hut!! next time dun wan b pres d.. 荷包不保... then go back of course continue la.. but other group the member dunno all go where d lo... but nvm..

N guess wat!!!! someone called me sexy... har?? dunno wat he thinking.. anyone kena sunburn?? me 2 tone d.... my poor feet.... got the slippers de strip de shape d... haiz.. super!! white... Lets do this again someday... Fion we can wash ur car!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

College life..

As u all noe. i started college... i took aup in inti n started since may.. i always lyk to imagine wat college life is lyk cuz secondary skul life is lyk nothing to me except for my frens.. the teachers in high skul kinda sucks.. n some students r u so f***ed up.. wats wrong wif them??!!! b4 startin college.. 3 mths workin in HLBB.. it was lyk hell!! everyday repeating the same routine... freakin no life man!!! then 2 mths sien dao~~

Now i experienced college life.. its fun but tiring... braindead for the 1st week.... really cant process anything the lecturers says u noe!!! its lyk their from mars... or im from mars... watever..

Dude.. i noe this is boring.. but i just woke up.. so dont complain... nothin really happened for the last few mths.. so no life man... mayb i'll talk bout car wash tmr... argh!!!! stupid skul!!! dunno who's car it is parking in the campus area!! i wnet all over ask everyone if they wanna have their car wash.. no one drive to skul man!!! or they cant park inside... wtf!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


to all dude n dudes... if u noe my blog la... from now on... i will update my blog... try la... i'll put my graduation pic... genting n sunway pic.. n inti fellow frens... take pic la...