Thursday, September 3, 2009

Long time no blog...

Wats up!! long time no blog d.. hehe.. suddenly have the urge to post something... not much happened lately.. oni went to penang during my 3 weeks break~~ makan makan makna~~ now fat d!!! n weight ++ d!!! haiz~~~ And then keep dancing with Momo~~~

At last class resume~~~ got something to focuse on~~~ I kinda like the philo lecturer~~~ but i still cant grasp the subject!! hope i dont die~~~ econs is boring~~ more boring than i thought it would be~~~ the lecturer herself is a live radio~~ y do i say that?? bcuz when she starts talkin... i feel sleepy.. like all her words are lullaby~~ n i realise in her 2nd class, i already fell sleepy when i c her~~ 功夫真是到家!!

Met some secondary skul friend!! i oni realise that i miss my secondary skul frens a lot!!! but everyone is bz wif their own studies and all~~ haiz~~ dont really have time to gather and chit chat!!! sien a!!!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fion.. and actually Machi..

Surprise!!! Eric wanted to do a surprise erm.. party? for Fion la.. so after antro he, tx n miao go buy cake lo.. then me n cadence go look 4 empty class room... then everyone arrive.. then Fion was delayed because teman Bev pergi clinic.. omg!! shocking news man!! luckyly Bev is ok.. then Fion datang lo.. tak tau siapa started the idea of puttin the candles at the side of the cake.. too bad i cant upload photo.. something wrong with my usb.... so fion datang , kami sing, then makan.. haha.. n suddenly rmb Machi b'day is on Sat.. sry ah Machi.. but i think other then Fion n Machi.. Zu is the happiest today.. cuz got 2 scandal.. Eric and Felicia.. and also siapa d ah.. omg.. short term memory lost.. isit may n yong sheng?? but that 1 no need scandal d... siapa ah??!! suan le bah!! Eh guys.. cari one day go clubbing lo..

CCS banner

After such a long~~ time. at last i get the chance to go yam cha.. yes!! after the english class till 10.30pm. went back to skul to hlp out... paint banner.. but i din do anything n they say wan go yam cha... YES!! Then after all the deeli-dalee... ( wait 4 sze qi to keep her laptop) we decided to go murni.. Then yam cha lor.. everyone keep chatting and suddenly william, ee lian n sze qi suddenly started to talk about 陈年往事.. i have no idea at all wat their talkin bout.. but all i found out is that william is afraid of ghost!! haha!! It's really fun hanging oiut with the ccs bunch of seniors. Alex n Foo shen even did something shocking.. they saw a fren went into his car, a kenari.. they sneak behind the car n each one one side n started rocking the car. omg.. then william fetch me home ^^.. yeah!! and kena marah.. hehe..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beau Bristow

Went to a free mini concert near ICSJ... Beau Bristow's concert.. i kinda enjoyed it.. ill update more detail next time .. cuz cant upload the pics..

CCS Day...

God... after my aunt's funeral went to skul for ccs day.... or mayb more accurate its ccs night... lots of games.. n injuries..
After ENL me and cadence when makan at cafe cuz straight away got meeting at concourse.. so cham T,T.. N i found a helper!! yes!! john.. thank you!!! and then meeting lo.. say this say that.. then at last!! ccs day start.... we play ice breaking 1st lo.. this ice breaking game is special.. we make a big circle.. then u will choose a partner.. and than of course u canot stand near ur partner.. then few ppl will have a rolled newspaper... u will walk around and hit someone with the newspaper.. poor me!! always kena beaten.. y ah?? n those guys 一点都不怜香惜玉.. hit me so hard.. then cadence hav eto come save me.. then she have to take the newspaper roll n hit someone else.. but i tell u ah!! those guys.. c cadence chao go hit other ppl d they come hit me!! y ah??!!
Actually the aim is to make u change ur sitting position to know new ppl.. i rmb Vivian lo.. oso from AUP de.. William.. and.. hehe.. dun really rmb d.. sry.. XP
Then we play this sing song and dance thingy.. dun rmb the song d.. as long as u keep dancing.. then girls have to turn then go to the guy behind.. so u keep changing partner la.. then not enuf girls.. so got a few gays.. Actually got a few leng zhai lo..
Then we split into group to play station game.. my group lose.. T,T... my team is yellow... and we need to put paint all over our body... yellow ppl!!! make girls look lyk 黄脸婆 u noe.. i skip all the games la.. hard to describe... n lazy.. all i wanna tell u guys is i wanna kill that stupid 黄脸公 qing wei... keep teasing ppl.. n wnana fight!! grr... i noe im short but dun have to put hand on my head de ma!!! hmph... k lo.. than we play water ballon.. then makan.. take pics... very luan.. oni noe that time flies.. suddenly 10.30pm.. got schold by my bro T,T... cuz he have to come fetch me.. n he wan sleep d.. then go home bath d i oni found out my left knee 黑青d... haiz... but i really enjoyed the night.. thanks to all ccs day commitee.. cheers miao!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


OMG!! i've finish my physics 1st test.. n guess wat? i got 16% out of 20%.. wahaha!! omg.. damn happy.. today so tired.. sunday thinking of going to a free concert.. hui ying.. wanna go?? if u read this n i havent call u call me ah... its this sunday..

the craziest time today is when i had lunch with Felicia and Jacklyn. omg.. i nearly choke to death... this 2 girls are so~~ hilarious.. I mau tak boleh tahan d... we ate at bakers cottage... n started talkin bout.. thingss.. i dun really rmb.. i oni noe im laughing throughout the meal... n ENL today is sooo fun... Brian's group is so dman creative.. we were supposed to protest on something... love their title {Say yes to Ms Kalai}.. haha... n even her 口头禅 is in the paper.. { i will take it, tear it, and burn it so badly}.... good job guys.. ok la.. actually i ngam ngam reach home oni.. so going to bed now.. nite.. ciaoz.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Physic test on wed!!!!!!!! haiz.. no mood to study... n suddenly feel veeeeeeery busy.. but i like it!!! it feels sooo good when there is something to do.. i think im kinda weird.. i kinda like the pressure... dunno wats wrong wif me.. well.. nothin much happened today.. poor seul gi had a stomach ache.. poor girl.. it was lyk for 3 days already.. all she ate is just bread for this 3 days.

N ppl.. nvr go to eat the hakka restaurant near our skul.. will i get sue if i say the name out?? watever.. the food there is like sangat 'sedap'.. well... not that bad but dont go eat if u got the choice.. if u dont believe me ask feli, cally, eric n tx.. omg.. ruin hakka food's image.. T,T.. im sad cuz im a hakka...