Thursday, June 18, 2009

CCS banner

After such a long~~ time. at last i get the chance to go yam cha.. yes!! after the english class till 10.30pm. went back to skul to hlp out... paint banner.. but i din do anything n they say wan go yam cha... YES!! Then after all the deeli-dalee... ( wait 4 sze qi to keep her laptop) we decided to go murni.. Then yam cha lor.. everyone keep chatting and suddenly william, ee lian n sze qi suddenly started to talk about 陈年往事.. i have no idea at all wat their talkin bout.. but all i found out is that william is afraid of ghost!! haha!! It's really fun hanging oiut with the ccs bunch of seniors. Alex n Foo shen even did something shocking.. they saw a fren went into his car, a kenari.. they sneak behind the car n each one one side n started rocking the car. omg.. then william fetch me home ^^.. yeah!! and kena marah.. hehe..

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