Wednesday, June 3, 2009


OMG!! i've finish my physics 1st test.. n guess wat? i got 16% out of 20%.. wahaha!! omg.. damn happy.. today so tired.. sunday thinking of going to a free concert.. hui ying.. wanna go?? if u read this n i havent call u call me ah... its this sunday..

the craziest time today is when i had lunch with Felicia and Jacklyn. omg.. i nearly choke to death... this 2 girls are so~~ hilarious.. I mau tak boleh tahan d... we ate at bakers cottage... n started talkin bout.. thingss.. i dun really rmb.. i oni noe im laughing throughout the meal... n ENL today is sooo fun... Brian's group is so dman creative.. we were supposed to protest on something... love their title {Say yes to Ms Kalai}.. haha... n even her 口头禅 is in the paper.. { i will take it, tear it, and burn it so badly}.... good job guys.. ok la.. actually i ngam ngam reach home oni.. so going to bed now.. nite.. ciaoz.


[~"神秘のtX"~] said...

XD..shock to see my name on ur friend!

Natgurl said...

never thought that i would link ur blog rite!! now u canot talk bad of me in ur blog d.. hehe..