Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fion.. and actually Machi..

Surprise!!! Eric wanted to do a surprise erm.. party? for Fion la.. so after antro he, tx n miao go buy cake lo.. then me n cadence go look 4 empty class room... then everyone arrive.. then Fion was delayed because teman Bev pergi clinic.. omg!! shocking news man!! luckyly Bev is ok.. then Fion datang lo.. tak tau siapa started the idea of puttin the candles at the side of the cake.. too bad i cant upload photo.. something wrong with my usb.... so fion datang , kami sing, then makan.. haha.. n suddenly rmb Machi b'day is on Sat.. sry ah Machi.. but i think other then Fion n Machi.. Zu is the happiest today.. cuz got 2 scandal.. Eric and Felicia.. and also siapa d ah.. omg.. short term memory lost.. isit may n yong sheng?? but that 1 no need scandal d... siapa ah??!! suan le bah!! Eh guys.. cari one day go clubbing lo..


yaennie said...

Jom pergi clubbing (; HAHA

mIaOooo said...

haha.. clubbing..
u jio la~~
n no scandal lah!!

Ah See said...

hey,thank you very much!!

Beverly said...