Monday, June 1, 2009


Physic test on wed!!!!!!!! haiz.. no mood to study... n suddenly feel veeeeeeery busy.. but i like it!!! it feels sooo good when there is something to do.. i think im kinda weird.. i kinda like the pressure... dunno wats wrong wif me.. well.. nothin much happened today.. poor seul gi had a stomach ache.. poor girl.. it was lyk for 3 days already.. all she ate is just bread for this 3 days.

N ppl.. nvr go to eat the hakka restaurant near our skul.. will i get sue if i say the name out?? watever.. the food there is like sangat 'sedap'.. well... not that bad but dont go eat if u got the choice.. if u dont believe me ask feli, cally, eric n tx.. omg.. ruin hakka food's image.. T,T.. im sad cuz im a hakka...

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