Friday, June 12, 2009

CCS Day...

God... after my aunt's funeral went to skul for ccs day.... or mayb more accurate its ccs night... lots of games.. n injuries..
After ENL me and cadence when makan at cafe cuz straight away got meeting at concourse.. so cham T,T.. N i found a helper!! yes!! john.. thank you!!! and then meeting lo.. say this say that.. then at last!! ccs day start.... we play ice breaking 1st lo.. this ice breaking game is special.. we make a big circle.. then u will choose a partner.. and than of course u canot stand near ur partner.. then few ppl will have a rolled newspaper... u will walk around and hit someone with the newspaper.. poor me!! always kena beaten.. y ah?? n those guys 一点都不怜香惜玉.. hit me so hard.. then cadence hav eto come save me.. then she have to take the newspaper roll n hit someone else.. but i tell u ah!! those guys.. c cadence chao go hit other ppl d they come hit me!! y ah??!!
Actually the aim is to make u change ur sitting position to know new ppl.. i rmb Vivian lo.. oso from AUP de.. William.. and.. hehe.. dun really rmb d.. sry.. XP
Then we play this sing song and dance thingy.. dun rmb the song d.. as long as u keep dancing.. then girls have to turn then go to the guy behind.. so u keep changing partner la.. then not enuf girls.. so got a few gays.. Actually got a few leng zhai lo..
Then we split into group to play station game.. my group lose.. T,T... my team is yellow... and we need to put paint all over our body... yellow ppl!!! make girls look lyk 黄脸婆 u noe.. i skip all the games la.. hard to describe... n lazy.. all i wanna tell u guys is i wanna kill that stupid 黄脸公 qing wei... keep teasing ppl.. n wnana fight!! grr... i noe im short but dun have to put hand on my head de ma!!! hmph... k lo.. than we play water ballon.. then makan.. take pics... very luan.. oni noe that time flies.. suddenly 10.30pm.. got schold by my bro T,T... cuz he have to come fetch me.. n he wan sleep d.. then go home bath d i oni found out my left knee 黑青d... haiz... but i really enjoyed the night.. thanks to all ccs day commitee.. cheers miao!!

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